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Abito donna

We are a clothing manufacturer specializing in the development and production of medium quality clothing in Italy.

Textile production is our passion.


It was born in Prato, the most important textile city in Europe.

1-Our company has a team of experts in fabrics, denim, jeans, chinos, jackets, shirts, flannel shirts, workwear, cargo pants, bombers and much more.

2- These people have experience in producing T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, joggers, pants, coats, dresses, jackets, garment dyes, sweatpants, even shorts and others.

3- Also specializes in brand management and creates the best fashion collection for your brand. .etc.


Creating inspiring clothes is our passion.

The technical team includes a stylist, pattern makers, cutters, quality controllers as well as textile engineers and our highly skilled seamstresses.

Although we work with well-known large international brands, we also support new brands in their growth as we are advocates of equal opportunities.

Vestito donna



Start your brand now

Create your fashion brand right from the start

How we work

1- To create your designs, we need a technical package with all the measurements, and also the sewing details, and  finally, a composition of the fabric and a color reference. If you supply fabrics, we also need the supplier's name and the price per meter or kilogram.

2 - In case you do not have the necessary information, because you do not yet have experience in the textile sector, we can also do it in another way: - Send us a garment and we can copy the measurements and also the sewing details, so that we can do the your style

2.1- If you do not have references of the fabric you want to use, it is important to send a garment or a fabric sample to use as a reference, so we can find you a similar fabric.


Quality control
Full control

You have a fashion brand and you want to produce in ITALY and you also have to keep all your production under control as well as the quality of your garments and also the fabrics, with guaranteed delivery times, we can do it for you.

Seller samples
We create samples for your sellers for your future production

In case you have a trade show planned but want to produce your prototypes with high quality to use as a reference for your buyers, we now have a solution.

Zv company can produce advance samples for you so that you can sell your models and also produce with us.

negozio donna

I have a fashion brand
All development and production
Provide us with your technical drawings with measurements and fabric references and we have found the perfect fabrics for your collection, we make the pattern, we make the seller's samples and we also make your collection!

Custom branding
Private label

Style from our collection, you can choose

and customize

Create your own fashion brand with our essential styles

Free of charge for the model

With styles that adapt to the market

Minimum order 100 pieces per model


Multidisciplinary team, we have the ability to produce and also research your fabrics for your collection / production from a competitive price to a specific fabric such as organic cotton, modal, tencel, flannel, fleece. Dri release (extracts sweat from the skin to the outside) polyester, polyamide, recycled fabrics, eco friendly and also GOTS certified


Choose the correct materials available as well as the fit so we can make samples for your sales and campaigns.

il tuo brand

With our group of specialized controllers we have the ability to control the internal and even external quality of clothes, fabrics, linens and even yarns! thus controlling every phase up to the final product. Because we know that quality is the key.

Coordinating quality, quantity, price and even your deadlines. Let's move on to the production of your label. Develop your custom box with logo and design. Add the label branding, care card, and tags.




Garantiamo tempi di spedizione eccellenti in Europa e nel mondo, proprio grazie alla gestione della produzione dalla materia prima al prodotto finito.

Category of products of our production
Here is a team that has the ability to produce and also the experience to make many different types of clothing such as sweaters / circular knitwear and also woven, with our experience and the appropriate machines


1-Make your fashion brand with our essential styles, we have the best stylists!
2-Without cost for the models
3-With styles that adapt to the market
4-Minimum order 100 pieces per styles


The private label consists of dresses with different models / fittings, with predefined sizes, inspired by the luxury brands we collaborate with.

The fabrics used, (made by a premium Italian brand) as well as the production, are made in ITALY.

Prices do not include transport or any type of customization (prints, embroidery and even tags). Each garment is individually packaged in plastic bags.

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